Author:EVA PE Foaming Products Making Line EVA Hot Press Machine

Use of EVA Hot Press Machine: For profiling the extrusion,rubber covering of filter cable of rubber compound,rubber covering of press plate and tinsel etc.

EVA Hot Press Machine is mainly consists of rubber knife, frame, cylinder, base, auxiliary table, hydraulic system, and electric system. The nylon plate is installed on the base under the cutting knife for protecting the edge of the cutting knife. When cutting the raw rubber, put the raw rubber under the rubber knife, then press the start button, the knife can cut the rubber. Two limit switches are installed on the frame to control the reversal valve to change the movement direction of the rubber knife, at the same time it protects the cover of the cylinder.

Functions and uses: EVA Hot Press Machine is used for stripping away impurity substance of reclaimed rubber.

Flame retardant rubber conveyor belt production process and equipment is similar to general fabric and steel wire belt conveyor production processes and equipment.

EVA Hot Press Machine is mainly used to cut the natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other plastics materials, especially it is suitable to be installed near the rubber mixer to cut small piece of rubber.

1. EVA Hot Press Machine has medium and high drum-shaped roller which increase the quality of rubber slice.

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